Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Open Letter to the People of The United States

I am writing because in my opinion the politics of the United States are in a dangerous territory and I believe that you as an integral part of our government (it's citizenry) can make a profoundly positive difference for our nation.

The increased burden on local, State, and the Federal Government to fund the many social welfare programs is not only fiscally irresponsible, but unsustainable. The list of tax-payer funded programs is inexhaustible, and seeing the extent and degree of advertisements promoting increased participation virtually guarantees the crippling of our society.

The American dream was not a dream at all, it was a gift. Prior to our gaining independence from Great Britain, if a person was born poor anywhere in the world they were destined to live and die poor. Aristocrats would always remain as the ruling class. Today's progressive and liberal agenda is nothing less than an attempt to return society to this oppressive form of government. Whether in the United States or in the Mid-East, the agenda is the same... return the people to a caste based society. In totalitarian governments they are using oppression and intimidation techniques; in the United States they are advertising for government social welfare programs, both of these practices are means to the same end.

While this may seem to be somewhat extreme, you have the unique ability to change the narrative and address this so that millions of people gain a new perspective on what is truly happening in the world.

As we have learned from the media over the past 20 years, in any given narrative the question is usually more powerful than the answer; in a large part because the person asking the questions gets to set the agenda of the conversation.

When people come to the realization that the limited government financed support that they receive is effectively in trade for their right to truly be free and experience prosperity in proportion to their abilities and work ethic, I am confident that they will forgo the subsidies.

The patriotic Governors, United States Senators, and Congressional Representatives need to publicly announce what is happening. They need to point out to all Americans that they cannot have both the subsidies and the freedom to truly prosper. Free market trade, capitalism, and individual wealth are all by-products of this first and most important freedom.

The beautiful result of this proclamation is that the blind followers (members of labor unions and others) that are fighting for and promoting progressive liberalism, have defined themselves to being opposed to such practices of limitation. They purport individual liberty and freedom from the oppressive capitalist machine. The effect of successfully getting this point "out there" will splinter the progressives and Democratic base while it grows the conservative Constitutional base. Most importantly it will pave the way for the consciousness of the people throughout the world to turn around and employ the solution instead of furthering the problems.

 I hope and pray that you will have the fortitude to act in implementing the solution to one of our nation's greatest challenges. All that is necessary is for a few courageous American's to ask the right questions and reset the narrative to the proper subject. Call your local radio stations, talk to your political representatives, and most importantly teach your children that the gift of American exceptionalism is in fact something to be grateful for.