Sunday, May 27, 2012

Today's Battle

Today's greatest battles are not fought on a traditional battlefields where casualties may be counted in lost lives or property. While there are innumerable battles fought this way, I propose that these are mere distractions when placed in the light of today's true modern warfare.

In modern warfare the battles are fought by our politicians. While it is inconceivable to think that United States Senators and Congressmen could be used as pawns in a world-wide game of dominance, the worrisome thing is that most of them are not even aware that a war is being fought, or that they're involved in the most decisive battles. It is widely recognized by strategists that the two most popular ways of defeating an enemy are to either bankrupt them so they no longer have world influence, or to legislate an ideology into their existing law. We saw the effectiveness of the first strategy with the fall of the Soviet Union. Bankruptcy is devastating to the people of any nation and causes the demise of any governmental authority leaving anarchy to rule until reason prevails or another nation state takes over to restore peace. This strategy is being employed throughout Western Europe and the United States today, and with the default of sovereign debt of these States along with the centralized monetary collapse of assets like the Euro, this strategy may well topple governments and nations that have existed for thousands of years. At the same time we are watching the second strategy unfold on a world wide scale with Sharia law taking a foothold in Western culture. In the United States our enemy takes a more personal risk with the second strategy if they are to be discovered and identified within our government as being traitorous to their sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution; unless there is no watchdog holding our politicians and jurists accountable to uphold their oath of office, which in today's administration is exactly the case.

This is the greatest reason why we as citizens of a sovereign nation must first elect stalwart politicians that recognize and believe in their sacred obligation to uphold our Constitution; and at every opportunity we need to hold them accountable for their actions and or failure to act when it is their duty and obligation to preserve, protect, and defend our nation's laws. As a nation of laws we need our Attorney General to be first in line at the defense of our laws as well as our system of government, Eric Holder has proven himself to be lacking in the character and integrity necessary for this position, yet there has been little to nothing done to hold him accountable.

Thomas Paine saw the dangers of religion in government along with our other founding fathers over two hundred years ago. When he wrote “Age of Reason” it was not to intended to protect the individual from an oppressive God, but to insulate them from any oppressive religion. Paine's intent was not to promote Deism as many revisionist theorist seem to conclude, but to eliminate the possibility of churches being the next oppressor after the various monarchy's were removed from power. Looking at today's radical Islamists one could argue that Paine was prophetic.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a political arm of radical Islam which is gaining power throughout the Middle-East as well as within Western nations. President Obama has appointed no less than 4 of his cabinet members who are members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The question comes to mind whether or not these politicians when placed in the position of choosing, would protect and defend the Constitution or their religious beliefs? It also brings light to the process and rationale behind the President's appointments themselves. Why would the President in a time of war with radical Islam appoint known members of their political arm to high offices within our government, and how was this allowed to happen?

These members of the Muslim Brotherhood who have been appointed by President Obama include:
Rashad Hussain – American ambassador to the 52 nation organization of Islamic countries.

Dalia Mogahed – Appointed to the advisory council on faith-based and neighborhood partnerships.

Ebrahim Patel – Appointed to the President's Faith Advisory Council.

Dr. Vali Nasr – Appointed to co-direct foreign policy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In conclusion it is time for the American people to become aware of what is truly happening in our world and within our midst. Our very freedoms, and ways of life depend on our forcing the various media outlets to report on the true happenings of the day instead of innocuous stories about television personalities. It requires us to embrace personal responsibility in holding one another accountable for our actions, and discouraging any form of government aid or welfare. The system of largess that has become popular in what is commonly described as “crony capitalism” is nothing short of corruption and cannot continue if we are to remain a free people.

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