Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Supreme court is hearing arguments regarding the “Defense of Marriage Act” today.

The problem is not whether or not any group or "class" of people can be married, marriage is a religious ceremony. The problem is taxation and government intrusion in personal lives and private property ownership. Were the government not able to tax any estate or regulate benefits in the private market this issue would be moot. Prior to 1913 and passage of the 16th Amendment there was no federal intrusion in these areas. The people and the Judiciary of the United States need to abolish the true problem or it will continue to resurface in other areas with a different face but the same root cause ... Government intrusion due to oppressive taxation. In order to accomplish this radical correction to the founding principles it becomes necessary to recognize that the national and international progressive movement has been successful at changing the narrative by appealing to fractured special interests in order to distract the populous from a justifiable revolt of their needless taxation and other forms of oppression.

Whether or not the Supreme Court rules in favor of Gay Marriage or the Defense of Marriage Act is truly irrelevant. Until the Judiciary serves their intended purpose to check the excessive power of the Executive branch of government we will continue to have the distractions that tie up the courts and further fracture the people of the United States.

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